COVID-19 Updates

Did you know that throughout the COVID crisis we have been able to continue to care for our patients either in our clinics under strict CDC guidelines or via TelePT where patients received treatment in the comfort of their home?

As some may know, the Department of Homeland Security has deemed physical therapists as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, Dr. Matos, who is an official with the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, Department of Defense Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System, and the CDC has these words to share about physical therapy:

“Physical therapists are essential in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. They play a key role in keeping people they can help out of doctors’ offices and ER’s. This will not only free up the medical teams to treat those impacted by COVID-19, but also limit the exposure of those seeking the care of the physical therapist.”

At Goin Beyond Physical Therapy, we know we have an obligation to our community, now more than ever. Physical therapy can not only help the body heal as quickly as possible, but it can also help combat illness.

The individualized stretches and exercises we prescribe for your treatment plan are great ways to boost your immune system. When your body is in shape, it quite literally has more strength to fight off unwanted viruses. Aiming for at least 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day can help strengthen not only you, but your immune system as well.

Our services will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. If you are in need of in-person care and are comfortable coming into the clinic we want you to do so, and we continue to following strict sanitary protocols by making sure every surface in our clinic is thoroughly cleaned and wiped down at all times. This will decrease the risk of any potential germs lingering on surfaces. If your treatments are able to be done virtually and that is your preference, we will be helping you through our TelePT services.

Essentially, at Goin Beyond Physical Therapy, we are still here to help you with whatever you may need Our aim is to help you stay healthy and strong during this time. Contact us today.