Patient Testimonials

  • Following an accident, I had lost a good amount of mobility in my neck and shoulder area and was experiencing significant pain.  Joy was very good at listening to my challenges, assessing what I could and couldn’t easily do, providing a variety of in-office treatments that she administered, and giving appropriate exercises for me to do at home to further heal. She was patient, understanding, skilled, and caring enough about my pain and my life to become a friend during this physical therapy process.

    Gary M.

  • I first met Joy a few years ago when she helped me rehab a rotator cuff injury. Her insightful, expert treatment eliminated my discomfort and increased my range of motion. Heaven! Recently, after having been rear-ended in a car accident, Joy was my go-to physical therapist once again. I knew she could eradicate my neck and back pain—and she has! She’s knowledgeable, creative, and extremely skilled. I swear, there’s magic in her hands!

    Claudia M.

  • Comfortable. That’s how I feel when Joy treats me. And I don’t just mean that she is always concerned about making sure her therapy is pain-free. I also mean that she makes me feel relaxed, valued, and at-ease. I view her as being almost like family, and that makes me extremely comfortable with her and the care she gives.

    Pat C.

  • I have required physical therapy on a number of occasions and have been delighted with my progress and success while working with Joy! I rely on her good judgement for my personalized treatment plan and experience has shown that I can trust her to guide my successful recovery. I highly recommend Joy for your Physical Therapist!

    M. Callan

  • As a hairdresser, our bodies can take the brunt of a physical job. With Joy and her specific brand of PT, I’ve been able to continue to do my job without the pain that I would’ve normally had! From exercises, to traction, to ultra-sound, to good ‘ole fashioned laughter, myself and my body are so grateful!

    G. McCue