Goin Beyond Physical Therapy is part of Healthcare Alliance, a multidisciplinary healthcare clinic. Within our clinic there is access to Physical Therapy, Chiropractic care & Massage Therapy. It’s like having all your healthcare needs in one place! Please allow us the opportunity to be part of your Healthcare Team.

You’ve heard the saying…”It takes a village”.


Goin Beyond Physical Therapy provides our clients with a custom treatment plan. With our patient-centered approach, we help our clients achieve amazing results. We help you manage your pain and reach your goals.


Joy Goin | MSPT, ATC
Physical Therapist
20+ years of experience

Brent Graves | DC
30+ years of experience

Seairra Kowalski | LMT
Medical Massage Therapist
20+ years of experience


I swear, there’s magic in her hands!

I first met Joy a few years ago when she helped me rehab a rotator cuff injury. Her insightful, expert treatment eliminated my discomfort and increased my range of motion. Heaven! Recently, after having been rear-ended in a car accident, Joy was my go-to physical therapist once again.

- Claudia M.

I was able to continue my job pain free!

As a hairdresser, our bodies can take the brunt of a physical job. With Joy and her specific brand of PT, I’ve been able to continue to do my job without the pain that I would’ve normally had! From exercises, to traction, to ultra-sound, to good ‘ole fashioned laughter, myself and my body are so grateful!

- G. McCue

She was patient, understanding, skilled and caring!

She was patient, understanding, skilled, and caring enough about my pain and my life to become a friend during this physical therapy process.

- Gary M.

I highly recommend Joy for your Physical Therapist!

I have required physical therapy on a number of occasions and have been delighted with my progress and success while working with Joy! I rely on her good judgement for my personalized treatment plan and experience has shown that I can trust her to guide my successful recovery.

- M. Callan

I view her as being almost like family, and that makes me extremely comfortable with her and the care she gives.

Comfortable. That’s how I feel when Joy treats me. And I don’t just mean that she is always concerned about making sure her therapy is pain-free. I also mean that she makes me feel relaxed, valued, and at-ease.

- Pat C.


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